About Todd Wilson

Todd is a freelance designer and art director based in Chicago, Illinois. He has been working in various design fields for nearly 17 years and has amassed a very wide range skills. From graphic design to photography to motion graphics, whether it’s traditional or digital, for print or for screen, he simply loves everything creative.


My Creative Philosophy

Add value to every project. I always bring my “A” game to every job, every time. If I don’t, it won’t be long until someone takes my place.


Pay attention to details. The difference between professionals and amateurs is their attention to detail. I always take the extra time to be a professional.


Over deliver. Giving a client more than is expected says a lot about my work ethic. Repeat business usually follows people who do more than they promise.


Raise the bar. Anyone can do mediocre work, but as a true professional, I strive for excellence. I always try to make my work amazing.

Specializing in




Retail & B2B

Print Production


Color Correction

Motion Graphics



2006 CUNA Diamond Award

(Youth Marketing)


2007 CUNA Diamond Award

(Community Marketing)


2011 CUNA Diamond Award



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